From the moment I wake,
to the moment I sleep.
I'll be there by your side.
Just you try and stop me.
I'll be waiting in line,
just to see if you care.


I’m angry at the world. This world wasn’t able to keep hold of the light that was Robin Williams. This great, generous, kind man. All he ever did was make us laugh, and we couldn’t do the same for him. In times of pain we were comforted by his films and irreplaceable comedy.

But who eased his pain? We surely did not. The world did not. Cocaine, alcohol, and finally, a belt did. But we..we who cherished him so, did not. For that, I am forever filled with guilt. Although I had no access to Williams, I wish that I could have taken away even just an ounce of the pain, the loneliness, he was feeling. No one should die feeling utterly helpless. 

I am deeply heartbroken by the loss of Robin Williams and I know that my world, and my view of the world has drastically darkened because of it.